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What is it all about?

It’s easy to experience true comfort with the Capa Connect App. By reducing the temperature or use of the heating during periods when you are asleep or away, you can save energy without compromising your comfort. It’s never been simpler to monitor your energy consumption – you can organise your products into zones for ease of control and create weekly schedules that’ll suit your lifestyle, either through the app itself or through voice control via Google Assistant and Alexa.


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Where can I download Capa Connect?

Capa Connect can be downloaded from the App store or Google Play as it is supported by both iOS and Android.

Is the Capa Connect app secure?

Yes, Capa Connect is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. This provides a highly secure, scalable, and intelligent platform for our connected solutions.

What are the minimum requirements to run Capa Connect from my device?

The minimal requirements for Capa Connect to work is Android 6 (marshmallow) or iOS 10 capable device with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) support.

How do I create a Capa Connect account?

Capa Connect accounts are created via the Capa Connect app. When the app is first installed and opened, there is an option to either sign-in with an existing account or register to create a new one.

Can I sign-in / register with a social media account?

Yes, it’s possible to log-in with Facebook. (On iOS, ‘Sign in with Apple’ is also available)

What will I require to set up a new product?

You will require a rear-facing smartphone camera to assist in set up (QR code scanning).

Is it possible to connect my product to the Capa Connect app?

Yes, you will need to set up an account on the app, and then you can add a product by scanning or manually inserting the GDID code and Pin. To find the QR code, please refer to your product manual.
The QR code looks like this: 
QR code example

Can I control my connected product with Voice Control?

Yes, Capa Connect will work with Alexa if installed on your device. Currently, the app is only supported in English.

* Only specific product models and series letters are supported. Check the compatibility list on this website. Compatibility is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

** Capa Connect usage requires the download and installation of the Capa Connect onto a compatible device. Capa Connect usage also requires the creation of a Capa Connect account, which is subject to agreement of the our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

*** Capa Connect app updates, product updates and all app usage require a broadband internet connection for app usage in all cases and in product connection for internet-connected product function; ISP and mobile carrier fees apply.